BEAUTY | 08/19/2019
Hollywood style! Céline Ausserwöger from Austria makes it by her Le Céline Lashes into the Goodie-bags of the Oscar and Emmy Awards. From now on, the eyelashes, which are otherwise intended only for the dream factory, available for a short time in USA and Canada.
On Saturday morning, Céline Ausserwöger from Austria headed for the USA. Before the Oscars on March 4, where her Le Céline-Lashes get into the hands of the stars via a Goodie-bag, there's another film shooting for the ProSieben Star magazine "Red" on the program. At the age of 13 years, the beautiful Austrian, who could easily pass as Kim Kardashian received her first model contract. And with her modeling jobs, the trained bank clerk always made experiences with false eyelashes. "Many are plastic and do not feel good. That gave me the idea to develop eyelashes that meet my requirements. "Said, done!
In 2016, the power woman left her job as branch manager at a bank in order to become self-employed - as early as January 2017, the first Le Céline eyelashes could be bought online. The absolute breakthrough came when the stylist of Kim Kardashian became aware of eyelashes from Mühlviertel at a make-up artist show in New York. Not only has the It-Girl, but also her mum Kris Jenner as well as Mariah Carey and Nicole Kidman have since been fan of handmade eyelashes. "Of course, it's great that stars wear my eyelashes. However, it is important to me to produce a high-quality product for the broad masses. The women should look beautiful and natural with my eyelashes, "explains Céline Ausserwöger.
What advantage does it bring for a company if its product is in the Goodie-bag of the Oscar Awards?
Just because you're represented in the Goodie-bag at the Oscar Awards with your product, that does not mean that anyone really buys the product. You have to keep working hard. But of course, it's a good opportunity to make contacts. For example, the American TV-Giant CBS contacted me for the program "The Talk". But even that is not easy. To be really invited to the program, you are checked thoroughly. Everything is very professional. If you're not fully into business thinking, you're in the wrong place in America
Céline, how was the Oscar Awards?
Just breathtaking! My parents and many acquaintances said: "Inhale this moment, because you will still tell your grandchildren thereof!" For me, however, this was only a start, because I strive for more than my products being represented at the Oscar Awards in the Goodie –Bags.
How did you come up with the idea of making false eyelashes?
During my time as a model, I had a lot of false eyelashes on set. Most of them were made of plastic, looked terrible and were extremely uncomfortable to wear. My experience in the hair industry has given me the idea to develop high-quality eyelashes for the masses, which can be easily attached in seconds. As you can see, it has paid off.
What is the difference between Le Céline Lashes and customary fake eyelashes?
The quality difference can be seen at first glance. It's like putting a Primark T-shirt next to one of Louis Vuitton. We use only real and vegan, i.e. synthetic, hair for our eyelashes. The glue is well-tolerated, and the thread is made of pure cotton. Therefore, our eyelashes are extremely soft, they do not scratch and provide a high level of comfort. In addition, you can reuse them up to 30 times - in the luxury category even 40 to 60 times.
Can also the average consumer simply install the eyelashes?
Yes, a simple application was very important to me. For this, I have designed an applicator in the same crescent shape as that of the eyelash. With this you can easily put the eyelashes on the eyelid in seconds.
The eyelashes are easy to attach!
Convince yourself!
Le Céline mastermind Céline explains how to apply Le Céline Lashes correctly.
1: Apply glue
Gently grasp your Le Céline eyelashes with tweezers. Apply the DUO Strip Lash adhesive thinly to the cotton tape. Allow the glue to dry for 30 to 60 seconds.
2: Attach the eyelashes
Place the Le Céline eyelashes directly above your own eyelashes on the edge of the eyelid. You keep your eyes slightly lowered.
3: Fix eyelashes
Lightly press your Le Céline eyelashes with the applicator. First in the middle, then on the outer, last on the inner edge.
DCurrently, for the first time and for a limited time only, you can use Le Céline eyelashes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Due to the enormous media presence, Le Céline eyelashes will not be available for long!

Le Céline offers the eyelashes of the Hollywood stars for a short period of a few days at a heavily discounted price.

It is important that you order the Le Céline eyelashes immediately because we do not know how long the offer will be on, or if Le Céline eyelashes will be available again in Germany.

You can complete your order conveniently and safely with your credit card and receive the ordered goods within 3 working days.

Where can I order?
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What do Le Céline customers say?
"I wore Le Céline eyelashes for the first time at my wedding. It was the most beautiful day of my life also thanks to the Le Céline eyelashes, which looked perfect and were comfortable to wear during the whole party. Since then I use them every day!"
Bella, New York
"Le Céline eyelashes have changed my life quite simply. The time I need to make up my face has dropped dramatically. I just put my Le Céline eyelashes on and I'm ready, I look fresher and more attractive, within just seconds"
Cynthia, Austin
"I use Le Céline eyelashes as an anti-aging product. The eyelashes hide my crow's feet and I feel years younger. Even my husband knows the difference and thinks it's great!"
Abigail, Los Angeles
"Before Le Céline, I had a lot of problems with becoming older, I did not feel well anymore and I hardly wanted to leave the house. By now I've been using Le Céline eyelashes for a year, almost every day. Le Céline has given me new self-confidence. Thanks for that!"
Rosa, San Francisco
"What a blessing, with these eyelashes you finally feel younger again as a mid-50 woman. The drooping eyelids disappear completely, I have never had anything better than that. I cannot say it often enough, I LOVE those eyelashes!"
Emily, Phoenix
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