When I started out as a model at the age of 13, I was confronted with the beauty sector for the first time. After several years in this business I was really tired of low quality products. All around the world I had to face the fact that it just was not possible to get high quality products. First and foremost I noticed huge differences with lashes.

For myself permanent eyelashes were never an option because of me being a very neat person.
After discovering vegan, synthetic, horse and mink hair strip lashes I truly fell in love with these products.
I don’t have to worry about them breaking, I can easily wash my face after simply removing them and the look is simply breathtaking.
They are just super easy to include in your everyday routine.

I saw it as my duty to make such high quality lashes available for every woman out there. Therefore I created this website to give YOU the opportunity to shop that glamorous look.